c7000 wireless 5G drop network

c7000 wireless 5G drop network

i play with the c7000 wirless 5G drop the network  y lag using the 5G



and when i play using 2.4ghz wirlesss i dont lag no matter what game i play but if i i use the 5g i lag sucks is the same like lan lan drop the network on the c7000 



the only thing not drop network is 2.4ghz wtf 


and 5g dont event have auto wtf


and if i put highther frecuncy on 5g lag too 


you need to fix all wirless for the next gen that dont drops 


on any frecuency 


fix jaming wirless attacks 


update log for wirless drops and any attacks wirless 


the modem is good but have a lot of problems need to make better gaming tech 




just helping 

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Re: c7000 wireless 5G drop network

do you reserve the ip for the 5g or leave at default ?

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Re: c7000 wireless 5G drop network

default or reserve is the same 5G drops

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