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I just purchased this C7000v2 and its firmware is current (1.02.14) as of today. I bought my first C7000v2 two days ago and I've spent several hours on the Tech Support line both with my ISP (Xfinity) and Netgear.  The device clock is one hour slow (PST).  There is no setting on the interface to change it.  There is no box to check for daylight savings adjustments.  At Netgear's suggestion to resolve this issue, I returned the new modem/router for another new modem/router.  The clock is still one hour slow.  Netgear Tech Support has no option to notify Netgear Product Development.  I guess I'm trying to save other consumers some time as I have already exhausted all recourse.  The clock will remain slow until Netgear fixes the problem unless I've missed something.  Things I've tried: ISP phone support and field tech visit to my house; device reset (several times); factory reset; Netgear phone support; DNS manual entry change to Google's DNS; firmware is current.  I don't think it's a big deal as apparently it will only affect system logs.  Good luck.

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: c7000v2 device clock

C7000v2 recieves time via ToD (Time of Day) protocol from the ISP.

ISP is sending ToD with 1 hour back.


We have spoken to one of the ISPs and they have plans to fix it.

Most of the DOCSIS devices will recieve Time via ToD.


newer devices seperate out ToD and NTP. Cable Modem will use ToD and router will use NTP. but it is not supported on C7000v2.


This should not prevent any normal functionality of the device except that any scheduler features will be one hour off.

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Re: c7000v2 device clock

Thank you. I wish I’d known that before spending so much time on the phone and returning a perfectly good modem router. Is there any way Netgear Tech Support could be notified and given a list of ISP’s who are also aware of it?
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