c7000v2 refurbished


c7000v2 refurbished

In January 2021 I bought a brand new cable modem router from 05/2021 my unit went out so I had it replaced since it was still under warranty. I didn't considering asking if the replacement unit would be new or refurbished because I bought it brand new & thought that's what I would get in return, Netgear decides to send me a refurbished unit as a replacement. Now i feel cheated because i spent money on a new modem directly from the manufacturer along with a warranty I also spent money on only for them to turn around and send me someone else's old crap no matter if it's certified refurbished or not. Am I wrong for expecting a brand new unit to replace my brand new unit? 

I just received the replacement on 05/08/2021 and I have an open case about it so I'm waiting to hear what they tell me whenever they decide to respond. I just want to hear someone else's thoughts about this situation.

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: c7000v2 refurbished

> [...] Am I wrong for expecting a brand new unit to replace my brand
> new unit?


   Did you read the warranty?


      [...] NETGEAR will replace your product with the same or
      functionally equivalent product, at its discretion, [...]

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Re: c7000v2 refurbished

More or less yes you're correct. It's like the saying goes "closed mouths don't get fed". They sent me refurbished, I asked "why", now they agreed to send me a brand new one once the they recieve the damaged unit.

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