cmd31T cable modem randomly causes WIN 10 desktop printers to go OFF LINE

I have a problem with the printers on my WIN10 PRO desk top randomly going to the “OFF LINE” state.  I have 2 laser printers (HP CM1312 mfp, Dell 1165 mfp), 1 inkjet ( Canon MX 922). Ialso have a NETGEAR cmd31T Modem.  Problem appeared about 2 months ago, with no changes (hardware additions, removal or physical movement)


PROBLEM:  All 3 of the printers go to the “OFF LINE” state at the same time.  Sometimes they all end up at the “OFF LINE” state after boot up, but most of the time they go to the  “OFF LINE” state, randomly during  normal use, for no apparent reason.   I am typing a Word document and want to print a check copy or final copy, select PRINT and all three printers may or may not show up as being “OFF LINE”. This may be 10 minutes after boot or 2 hours after boot.  Same response with down loading a document or loading a saved document; independent of document type, i.e. .docx, PDF, text, xlxs etc, or color / black& white.


I have tried many of the fixes posted on the web to get the printers out of the “OFF LINE” state without success.  The one, and only, solution seems to be to be a “hard reset” i.e. remove the power cord, wait 30 or so seconds, and plug the power cord back in of my internet modem.  A system power down and power back up, may or may not fix the printer “OFF LINE” problem.  All three printers are in the “READY” mode when the modem finishes the reboot  The modem is a NETGEATcmd31T.  This is really annoying, particularly if I need a quick check print or finished print.  The modem reboot is random and takes anywhere from 3- 5 minutes to reboot.


Since the only way the printers can reliably be reset to the “Ready” state is to power cycle the modem, seems to point to some issue/ event with the modem state being randomly changed.  I have been unable to find any Netgear support suggestions or other Web sites that mention the same or similar problem or offer solutions.


I would appreciate any suggestions or Web links that might have suggestions.


THANKS, in advance, for your help.

Model: CMD31T|Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem
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Re: cmd31T cable modem randomly causes WIN 10 desktop printers to go OFF LINE

Do you have a router attached after the modem?

the cmd31T is literally a modem only device. It needs to connect to a router if you're connecting more than 1 device. 

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