Re: fix the sistem log for modem and router and ect

fix the sistem log for modem and router and ect

 fix the sistem log so if some one hack the modem  so can delete the modem log fix that make a encription or password for logs 


fix firewall input lag playing games /make a turbo firewall to play for gaming


fix securty slow down the network speed playing online and feel slow playing games with all security enable make something to make that super fast that dont affect gaming and dont create input lag on games 


fix firewall dont log attack or ect when dos and portscan is disable 


fix upnp get glish and sometimes dont detect devices correcly or ports 


make a new upnp that open port for gaming automatic or manual  and that you can remove all device or uknow ip connected to upnp 


fix 5G wirless dont have auto chanels 


make that Lan have a encription so to be protected with Https or higther security level 


fix modem login is vulnerable stop using http and use highter security login like hhtps or a new higter level security login  why some haker try to hack the modem but he was unable to enter so fix that put all user to risk 


make a new hide my ip  or ghost ip so you can protect from hakers and spy  or ect that whant to attack you  so you can be protected 


make a new AI protection that kill all bad trafics and hakers and uknow programs that whan to attack you or disconect you from online from xbox or anything 


make a new nat extreme aceleration for gaming and lan extreme aceleration for online gaming and super fast reponce for online gaming and extreme ping reduction 


make a new software desing for the new modem and raouter that look super hd and super moderm 


fix firewall and dos protection i been notice with simple attack the modem some times reset itself fix that mean have a weak dos proctection


make a new protection that any attack crash the pc 


make new (AI anti exploit mitigation).... and process protection and network, and software ,and cpu and memory ,and hardware


make a new radar that show the atack locations like a maps ect 


fix scrips vulneravility a haker cold bypass it  why scrips always been vulnerable and contain alot of error fix that and make and anti exploit for this too 


use military grade security or higther 


make a strong defend for any virus and any attack  


just helping 

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Re: fix the sistem log for modem and router and ect

fix raouter and modem netowrk drops for lan and wirless and ect on any settings to

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