n600 c3700-100NAS: Q0S or not?


n600 c3700-100NAS: Q0S or not?

I use this for home office wifi, and it was purchased specifically to replace the cable company's modem that I had paying to lease (Spectrum, formerly Time Warner). Generally speaking, it has performed well. I use Verizon's 'wifi calling' feature with my Samsung Galaxy S7 so that my calls process via the much stronger wifi network vs. the weak Verizon network service in this area. But recently I've determined that text messages sent to me by others sometimes do not arrive on my phone, and it *only happens when phone is in range of my Netgear router*. (That is, text nondelivery only happens when I'm at the home office. We've tested text on premises with the router operating and then when it's been turned off, and we've witnessed texts not arriving *only* when my Netgear is broadcasting.) I've been told that my router's QoS setting may be a factor... apparently, QoS sets which channels get priority or whatnot? Even though this router is relatively new and I presumed it was a higher quality model with more than just a rudimentary feature set, I can find no QoS setting. Can someone either describe how to find/adjust this setting on my modem and/or describe a workround that will enable texts to reach me while I'm at the home office? (Verizon service is so spotty here that doing without the device's 'wifi calling' advantage isn't an option.)

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Re: n600 c3700-100NAS: Q0S or not?

Hello jkingwhite


None of the cable modems have advanced QOS settings.



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