next gen cablem modem ideas 2020

next gen cablem modem ideas 2020

next gen cable modem ideas 2020 


netgear is time for make gaming cable modem many years have been past and still the cable modem having problem with the performance and software fimware problems 


is time to make a next generation cable modem with a gaming software for real gaming 


cable modem ideas 


1.ddr4 1GB memory ram or higher for better reponce for software and multitasking gen secure 8 core cpu with fast clock speed with vapor chamber to reduce heat cpu next gen profecional gaming secure  firewall 2020 gen TLS 1.3 with the most advance security cryptographic algorithms for cpu and hardware and all the areas to prevent vulneravility gen ultra fast wifi with hardware security anti exploit to prevent hackers bypass the security or steal intenet even wifi is turn off gen 10 lan ports  ultra gigabit 10,000mbs speed all lan ports gen secure ultra gaming vpn with all features gen secure port forwaring and portrigering to prevent network attack when you are suing gaming console or other device DMZ gen secure encription Login webform to enter to the cable modem why this becaus emost cable modem login securty are extremely weak and hackers can bypass the scrips login webform scrips software protection and laguage code  to prevent malware or hacker bypass or damage the scrips of the modem or modifie it to leak information or to infect it fimware encription security 

13.dns securty protection 

14.lan https or highter securty protection  for lan ports network and wifi network gen ultra fast nat and solid protection nat gen ddos and ddos attack protection 

17.anti mac device cloning to prevent hackers cant clone your device and allow and deny funtions for firewall and all type of connection for solid security 

19new network monitor usage so you can see all apps and programs running in real time so you can block it or allow it and see how much data is using this can help to ideantifie new malware or hidden computers on the sistem so you can block or or ect tech protection network  to detected swiching in gaming when this tech detect it remove the lag swiching the other gaming players is doing in the game allowing you to run normaly and not been affected when other player use haking tools to do network lag swiching in the game or try to boot you of the game 

21.ultra fast Qos technology turbo firewall to play game safe and not been affected by firewall delay performance network tech aceleration pakage modern and beutiful design progaming cable modem wapa 3 secure neduma sofware gen cox technology 5,000ghz 

28.real time voltage and parameters of downtream channels and upload channels for extreme performance with 64 download channels and 64 upload channels with the most advance tech with dosics 3.1 or 3.2 for both gen ultra deep ultra fast port scan gen network protection for all attacks and moderns attacks 

31. make sure this gaming cable modem have a deidcate gaming motherboard 

32. make sure you can update the fimware cable modem so dont be vulnerable next gen secure unpnp 

34 next gen chip that allow ping to be extremely reduce for gaming and reponce ultra super fast 

35 just make the best pro gaming cable modem ever made in the history of the netgear corp for 2020 

36. make sure the cable modem run 10,000download and 10,000mbs upload 

make sure  you use is modern tech   and dont use intel cpu the reason is theyre are vulnerable find other provider like samsung cpu or amd cpu i think they are more secure  


intel cpu have alot of vulneravility we need a secure cpu or the cable modem will be a waste of money been vulnerable 


10-4 out just helping to make gaming better 

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Re: next gen cablem modem ideas 2020

Gaming and desires like that are kept to the router product line. Like the RAX and XR. If you want a good modem, the recommended mode is a stand alone only modem. Then connect a external router ot that modem. 


One reason why having a combo modem like this would not be great, should the modem fail for any reason, you would loose the entire unit, when having a stand alone modem and external router, you wouldn't loose the router should something happen. 


NetDumaOS will only be on XR series routers and NetDumas R1 router. 


Broadcom would be best for chipset instead of Intel. 


You should post this here:

Good Luck and best wishes though. 

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