Re: try to reduce false and posive attack

try to reduce false and posive attack

netgear corp 


try to reduce false and positive attack some attack cold drop the network becase the modem or raouter think they are real but are false and pisitive attack 


so i recoment you need to make a new firewall engine new gen


and new smart engine for dos,and port scan or any netowk attack 


new nat new generation and protection


that may include scrips attack ,virus attack, upnp attack ,lan attack,wirless attacks


mac,ip,dns attacks, flash attack java attack, http and https ,zero day attack and exploits attacks and uknow attacks ect 


just make something very profecional 


and dont forget to make all this protection work very fast that dont reduce the speed online when you are gaming 


like turbo firewall and protection for all ip4 and full ip6


i read that ip6 a haker cold by pass the hardware and modem in just 10 seg  make all firewall and all security unbypass and undestroctuble and the security dont slow donw so haker  attack the sistem slown donw to know how it work the modem or raouters to by pass it 


ect just helping and fix all the errors and make super fast stable fimware 

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Re: try to reduce false and posive attack

What you are asking for is not going to be cheap.  A low-end Barracuda Networks Firewall, for example, costs almost $700 (USD).

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Re: try to reduce false and posive attack

i know bro it cost 


but netgear cold do something better  they can make security home more secure 


to help home user state more secure 



iknow  corporative firewall are most avance and more secure that is  was cost more 



i am just trying to help lol 



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Re: try to reduce false and posive attack

We have a saying, "Fast. Good. Cheap.  Pick two."  You are asking for all three.

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Re: try to reduce false and posive attack

What I would like to see is a flash drive that can be used to set up the router/ modem before it is put online. The netgear genie comes wit the default of the IPV6 firewall disabled and the http and https already checked. When a hacker jas a snoop or sniffer out there waiting it onlu takes mlleseconds for them to infiltrate your network. Once there, they are in and there is no getting rid of them.So Netgear, dont check the default and even thos a little more cost for a thumb drive to initialize the router before it is put on line would be worth the money

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