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AC785 Web UI not working


AC785 Web UI not working

Hi there,

I’m from the UK and have an unlocked Netgear Aircard 785, as listed here:
I've used my AC785 a number of times in different countries, but today I've arrived in the USA (New York) and have bought an AT&T data SIM. For some reason, the device is telling me I need to check the APN settings, which doesn't usually happen. However, I've tried to follow the instructions to do this from Netgear's website, as shown here:
Unfortunately, I cannot login to the device in my web browser. I have used both Safari and Chrome, and neither will allow me to access the device - instead they just tell me that they've failed to load the page.

So I'm at a bit of a loss. Does anyone know how to access the device and adjust the APN settings if the web user interface doesn't load?



Many thanks!

Model: AirCard 785 Retail unlocked|AC785 Mobile Hotspot
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Re: AC785 Web UI not working



Sorry for the delay in replying! As you can probably guess, this is because I can't get on the Internet much while I'm away without my AirCard working!


Anyway, no, I haven't changed anything, because I can't. I can't actually open the page that needs to open for me to log in to the web UI, so I can't change the APN (so far as I know, I can only change the APN settings through the web interface, no?).


With regards to your second question, no, i can't connect to the AirCard at all, so when I tried to connect I was using a different network. Does that help explain? 

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