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Antenna connection for LB2120


Antenna connection for LB2120

Hello Can someone please let me know where to buy the Arial connection ( for External Arial ) for the LB2120 in Sydney Australia ? Thank you
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Re: Antenna connection for LB2120

Not sure what you have in mind - the "original" MIMO Antenna (6000450) – For 3G/4G AirCard USB Modems and Mobile Hotspots for in-house installations?


Lots of different antennas over here available for the typical 4G bands (like 700...900 MHz) - one I have on the bucket list for a hobbyist projects up in the Swiss alps is this https://www.iskra.eu/en/Antenna-Systems/LTE-antenna-P-40/ - don't forget long cables and to many connectors/adapter cables kill the high antenna gain. As well, for outdoor installations surge/lighting arrestor and proper grounding is mandatory - otherwise your complete [W]LAN and other equipment can be easily knocked-out in a thunderstorm.

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