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Help Using a Nighthawk MR5200 with Leica GS14 GPS Receiver


Help Using a Nighthawk MR5200 with Leica GS14 GPS Receiver

Background: Leica GS14 Receiver

Around 2010 Leica made a surveyor-grade GPS receiver capable of using a static-IP to place satellite correction data online for use with another dynamic assigned GPS receiver for differential GPS corrections achieving sub-centimeter positioning solutions. As such the Leica GS14's got most of the features of IP connectivity and it works fine with the 3.75G cellular modem, but the downside is that said 3.75G modem is hard-wired/soldiered onto it's circuit board and it's not upgradable. I want to use a NightHawk MR5200 to stream data from this capable GS14 GPS receiver onto the internet in place of the outdated/unsupported modem.


Where the NightHawk MR5200 Fits into the Picture

The overall goal is to make use of the 5G (and backward compatible 4G LTE and 3G UMTS where availble) of the NightHawk MR5200. I've been told by Leica that the problem or part of the solution that is missing from the GS14 receiver is what's called an IP Bridge. But, I read that the NightHawk has a feature called IP Passthrough, which as I understand it means that it acts as a bridge. While I'm not sure what this fully means, I suspect that it means that I establish my settings inside my GS14 as though it has the same connection protocols that are on the Static-IP assignments inside the NightHawk (I assume a spoofing of static IP assignment quartet, port, etc.) and then it will be passed through the NightHawk as though it mimics the point of origin as the NightHawk SIM card and it's on the internet. The goal of putting this satellite correction message on the Internet, again, is that since it's on a fixed IP, I can socket into that assigned IP by another remote GPS unit and receive the static-IP unit's corrections thereby achieving sub-centimeter accuracy.


Does anyone have any ideas and/or assistance doing something similar?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Help Using a Nighthawk MR5200 with Leica GS14 GPS Receiver


Hello there.

Definitely happy and welcome your new ideas sharing here. And its great beneficial in long terms This post makes me love this communities even more!

First to all, I'd never had any experience on sub-centimeter that on surveyor-grade gears. However theres few times on marine GNSS timing gear experiences i can share. An to few extra point extend MR5200 device is belongs to CBD the citizen bandwidth device. There's devices that using NMEA. It usually boardcasting GPS Timing feedback on port 11010. It has old protocol but good enough for civilian marinetime usage. Netgear used to have them on Aircard series line. Enriched diversity of market having driving many things to change I guess they forget such things. What I found that NMEA do also sharing on majorities of mobile phone devices as well. Which's means onto that you can use the data from it to you phone when you phone opens up NMEA and supported port on 11010. Verizon also offer M2100, Its does most of things that MR5200 does. Also gives options to user to use NMEA functionalities that pre-implanted. Although these are nothing can compares to surveyor-grades required sub-centimeter accuracy.


Lot of MR5200 user including me have been misunderstood that the IP Passthrough on Netgear MR series. It acting like a secondary network resource that gives first network a backup. So to that when the first network is down, A central devices can auto switch to second source providing a comparable backup solutions for semi-critical applications. The IP Bridge in the other hands is GPS timing based nothing thats you wanted.


As far as I know. At this time the consumer market has extreme rare of cases of scenarios that has statics-IP needs. That's might had been the biggest Ice bucker awaiting for market needs to drive it through. Most of data add-on sim card offers dynamic IP address pool for casual users. However theres few cellular does gives static-IP that fatherly explains it as semi-degrees statics, again not really statics as permanent deployed provider degrees. Simple as it's, It's the prices different. 


You mentioned that has to happened worked with 3.75GHz cellular modem. So I'm imaging that's a enterprise or industry devices that with LoT applications sim card that working on Band 48 maybe? If it does, It could actually possible for you to ask IT department to associate a static IP address?

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