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Re: Help using Verizon on my Lte modem


Help using Verizon on my Lte modem

So after reading that this modem can connect to Verizon and knowing Verizon gets good service in my area I bought a SIM card from Verizon and activated it with the unlimited plan using an old unlocked cell phone. I transferred it to my modem and when I try to get online, I get a pop up screen with an error message from Verizon that says equipment issue, please contact customer service. I don’t want to do that because I know they’ll say this modem isn’t a supported device. Now I’m no tech guru and definitely need help in simple terms and instructions. What am I doing wrong? I read several reviews that this modem will work with Verizon.
Model: LB1120|4G LTE Modem
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Re: Help using Verizon on my Lte modem




I am a telecom guy and used to do a good bit of work with Verizon during the great days of 2/3g 1X/CDMA EVDO.


During that time, the way the VzW network worked was , on the equipment side,

vendors built equipment which was approved by Verizon for their network (phones modems routers etc)

The vendors would create a list of these devices with an ID that related to the equipment.

If you look at the device you may see an ESN (electronic serial number) or MEID (mobile electronic equipment ID) for 2/3g devices

IMEIs (internaltion mobile equipment ID) for 4G devices and

ICCID for 4G sims


These are uploaded on a Verizon device management Database


When a customer bought a device, they would scan the SIM and then the hardware and associate the two to you

THis would prevent customers from swapping sims around or using unapproved hardware on their network.


This was they way it worked as far as I recall some years back. Given your brief description, sounds like that is still the case and may be the reason you are seeing the error.

You could try swapping the sim to other devices to see if that sim is locked to one particular device


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