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LAX20 to replace Verizon MiFi ??


LAX20 to replace Verizon MiFi ??

Hi, I currently have a Verizon MiFi Hotspot, however it goes offline frequently and does not  do automatic power on, Also the battery tends to swell, should you leave it connected to power to charger. . Looking for a VERIFIED a Netgear broadband Router that someone KNOWS will work with the MiFi sim card- preferably that they have done this..  I do not have a hardpoint internet connection at the locations so I have been using Mifi. I looked at the Netgear LAX20 plus it has an ethernet port for another device. Do to the limited actual data, the speed is really sufficient with the MiFi, just need to fix the battery and powering off feature. I have gone so far as to use a timed switch to rechare the battery and then turn off for a few hours, but the battery still swells.  Any feedback from someone with the same experience would be most appreciated.  I am not opposed to changing providers but my Verizon plan has unlimited data.

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