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LB1120 - Verizon not in Device Management Database


LB1120 - Verizon not in Device Management Database

I've spent about 4 hours on tech support with Verizon and the issue they identified is that my unit is not in their Device Management Database (DMD) and Netgear is required to update this information. I had been using this device for about 6 months but due to Verizon taking a shortcut before it stopped working after a new tablet was purchased. Trying to get this activated the correct way, it needs to be in the Verizon DMD before they can add it. They said Netgear should have updated their DMD with this device when it was manufactured, but I'm guessing it never was.


At this point, the device only had a 90 day warranty and I can't talk to any tech support without paying. I find this rediculous. When it comes to phone support as well, I waited for 2 hours an no one picked up. Please assist.

Model: LB1120|4G LTE Modem
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