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LB2120 for backup to a cable router


LB2120 for backup to a cable router

I'm new here and have a plan to buy an LB2120 for backup. I need it in case the cable provider has an outage. My normal router is a Synology RT2600ac, which supports the backup mode on it's 2nd WAN port. In failover mode it automatically changes between WAN ports.
I have been told, that LB2120 has some generic issue and because of that it doesn't allow my Synology to change on LTE provided network as it (LB2120) need to be rebooted every time when need to be use, if the Netgear is in bridge mode.

I hope it was not too complicated, as I desribed.

Is anybody using this router in a similar way? Does anybody have practice with it?
Can anybody inform me how this 4G router works? (What I expect is that LB2120-100PES - European version - working, collecting and transfer data to the other router's WAN2 port and the other will it use if needed - automatically, without I need to reboot it, or simple turning on.)
Model: LB2120|4G LTE Modem
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Betreff: LB2120 for backup to a cable router

Can anybody advice how LB2120 works?
Does it continously sending the 4G signal - no matter it is used by my Synology router or not OR
It only sends the signal if it is used by the other router?

It could be important as in the first case I do not expect, that I need to turn it on, or remove from the electric power, how the error(?) is described in other problems of failover error. In my case the 4G router doesn't need to change from cable signal to 4G.
I hope this is the case - the normal behaviour.

Any practice with it?
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