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MR1100 Wi-Fi Exclamation Point - Oculus


MR1100 Wi-Fi Exclamation Point - Oculus

We are currently traveling in our RV.   We have a MR1100 hotspot on the Verizon network and its working fine.  We have TV's, Computers, Tablets as well as other items connecting to the MR100 without issue. That is until I try connecting our Oculus Quest 2.  At home, and friends the Oculus connects to the Wi-Fi without any issue. When I try to log on to the MR1100, I can see the Wi-Fi network, but as soon as I try to connect the signal display instantly goes to the dreaded exclamation point.  I've tried rebooting both the Oculus and the hotspot without luck.  Signal strength is not an issue.  Are there any settings I need to change? Any help would be appreciated.  

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