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MR1100 can't connect to wifi


MR1100 can't connect to wifi

i  bought the NetGear MR1100 , today, when i turn on, i see all of config is removed. 
The MR1100 have default config. 
i see the SSID and password BUT I CAN'T CONNECT TO IT.
Please help me how to fix this problem. 
Thanks all !!c5dd8edf2162d43c8d73.jpgz2534513702735_c9570e4a8dc1e1e2bbd94350cf1895c2.jpg

Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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Re: MR1100 can't connect to wifi

You have posted your message in the section of this community given over to Nighthawk WiFi Routers. (This is easily done, given Netgear's complicated community structure.)

Many questions apply to different types of device, so you might get responses here, but your Mobile Router isn't a lot like a bog standard router, so you might get more help, and find earlier questions and answers specific to your hardware, in the appropriate section for your device. That's probably here:

Mobile Routers, Hotspots & Modems

I will ask the Netgear moderator to move your message.

In the meantime you could visit the support pages:

Support | NETGEAR

Feed in your model number and check the documentation for your hardware.

You may have done this already. I can't tell from your message.

I mention it because Netgear gave up on supplying paper manuals years ago and people sometimes miss the downloads.


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