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MR6110 does not provide the required speed, (UPDATE)


MR6110 does not provide the required speed, (UPDATE)

I have had the device for several weeks but only recently did a plan that includes 5G
There is a 5G service in my area and it shows on the device that I am on 5G

But if I do a speedtest I get a rather low result - (between 3 to 80 mbps max-which is the range I would get when I was on 4G)
On the other hand, if I do a speed test with the same SIM on my iPhone in the same location, I get 300mbps+.
I tried to do a reset or change to 5GHZ it didn't help

To solve the problem I tried several things
*contacted the SIM provider - they said that there is no blockage on their side
*updated the software to the latest version - it didn't help
* Reset the device - didn't help
*I tried changing the IMEI - it didn't help either

Attached is a screenshot of the current version

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Re: MR6110 does not provide the required speed, (UPDATE)

I can send you model.json if that helps.
I would appreciate it if you could help


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