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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

Re: MR6500 Unlocked - Firmware Update?


MR6500 Unlocked - Firmware Update?



Couple questions....I just purchased an unlocked version of the MR6500.  How can I make sure the firmware is up to date?  (Is there a non-AT&T branded firmware that can be loaded on it?)


Also, for some reason the 6ghz wireless option has disappeared, and it's only offering 2.4 and 5ghz options for some reason.  Why would this be?  


Thanks for your help!

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Re: MR6500 Unlocked - Firmware Update?

To ensure your MR6500 router's firmware is up to date, follow these steps:

  1. Access Router Settings: Connect to your router's web interface via a web browser using its IP address. Log in with admin credentials.

  2. Firmware Update: Look for a "Firmware Update" or "Software Update" section. Check for updates and follow prompts to install the latest version if available.

Regarding the missing 6GHz option, it's possible:

  1. Region Restrictions: Certain regions may restrict 6GHz usage. Check if your router is set to the correct region.

  2. Device Compatibility: Ensure your devices support 6GHz. If not, the router might not show the option.

  3. Firmware Issue: Outdated or incompatible firmware could cause this. Ensure you're running the latest firmware for full feature support.

  4. Router Limitations: Some routers might not support all frequency bands simultaneously. Check the router's specifications.

For alternate firmware, contact the manufacturer's support to inquire about non-AT&T versions. Be cautious with third-party firmware as it could void warranties or cause issues.

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Re: MR6500 Unlocked - Firmware Update?

The MR6500 is an AT&T branded device.  Locked or unlocked makes no difference.  It still needs an AT&T account to receive firmware updates and those updates are AT&T approved.  


6Ghz option only applies when the device is in "in home performance mode" with no battery installed.  Must be directly powered through the USB interface.  Once the battery is installed, the device will reboot, and the option will go away.


Also, because it's an AT&T branded device, it will only support bands that AT&T uses.  For instance, it will not pick up T-Mobile's N41 band which is T-Mobile's higher performance band.  It will be able to be used with T-Mobile when in unlocked state, but will not perform as well as a device that supports all of T-Mobile's bands.

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Re: MR6500 Unlocked - Firmware Update?

Umm this is totally wrong... literally look at the spec sheet provided from net gear for the 6500. It literally states support for n41.... IT DOESNT support a couple other c bands such as one of the 70,s.... the dish version and the unbranded unlocked versions do (these versions do not have a 6500 model number. The 6500 is only the art version. Whether it's unlocked or not.

Yes the 6500 and the 6400 and the 6450 and the 6550 and whatever other variations netgear may release are literally all the exact same hardware. They all use the x65 snapdragon rf module.

The only difference is the firmware used on them. Literally every single hotspot model ACTUALLY supports every single band because the x65 chip supports all 5g bands. Including the mmwave ones and c band ones. It's the same chip as in the samsung galaxy 22's....the s23 series uses the x70 module though.....

Anyways, the missing bands are all firmware locked. If you can flash another models firmware that also uses the x65 chip, then you will unlock those bands for use. For example flashing the dish wireless model (6450 I believe) on the 6500... the only issue is obtaining a copy of the firmware and knowing how to recompile it for use with the 6500

There have been multiple instances out there of software developers doing EXACTLY this on prior nighthawk hotspot gens.

About a month ago I found a guy on a forum that personally flashed various mr5000 nighthawk models onto each other to unlock bands and update firmware versions and such.

You just have to know how to do it
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Re: MR6500 Unlocked - Firmware Update?

What forums are best to find out such info?

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Re: MR6500 Unlocked - Firmware Update?

https://wirelessjoint.com/viewtopic.php?t=4059         <-------look there

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