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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

Re: MR6550 firmware release notes


MR6550 firmware release notes

Mobile router M6 Pro MR6550 is indicating a new firmware labeled MR6550 Launch Release.

There is no indication of the version number, nor a link to a release note anywhere listing what are the changes.

I could not find any information online.


Apparently it was released around 08 Aug 2023.


What is the new firmware number, and what has been changed since previous firmware version NTGX65_12.01.20.00?


Unfortunately, past firmware updates have brought some sadness to the community by blocking some features.


Thank you.

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Re: MR6550 firmware release notes

I think you replied the wrong thread?


I'm talking about the release notes of the latest firmware.

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Re: MR6550 firmware release notes

Band locking options for NR5G are gone.
New options are 4G+5G (ALL)
or 4G.

firmware update
wiped out some of my custom APN in favor of:
wap.tracfone (yes again)
wholesale (yes again)

Looks like this update forced me to connect to 4G LTE when it's closer
as opposed to locking onto the 5G.

Update also made my unit more picky about powersupply.

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Re: MR6550 firmware release notes

Wanted to test new firmware to see if it would improve my home network.
selected administration
selected check for firmware updates
installed NTGX65_12.01.31.00

Don't like the firmware update.
Can't roll back. Called support 5 times.
L1 techs claim all NTGX65_10.04.22.00 firmware repositries have been deleted.
L1 techs claim the only way to rollback to a previous version is to return my product.

So. By testing the new NTGX65_12.01.31.00 
I lost $800 because now my Router is completely inoperable. 

Support says wait for L3 tech. I believe no one is going to help.
I believe I have lost $800 on hardware I never should have purchased.

I can't believe something as simple as rolling back drivers
is being removed from customer control. 

Going forward I will never buy or support another Netgear product. 

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Re: MR6550 firmware release notes

Their router performs so poorly and overheats that they have to remove features. I will try to return this garbage to Amazon, since the 6th version does not have SMS, which the 5th version had.

It seems to me that only a few people a year buy their mobile model. So they just don't care.

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Re: MR6550 firmware release notes

Support only cares about determining what type of SIM card I am using to pass the blame buck from NETGEAR onto my service provider for having fault with NETGEAR's latest firmware update. I thought purchasing a high dollar top of the line product meant I would have ownership over that product. I have found out that I do not own anything about my product and I do not have any support for brand new product from manufacturer. I am returning my product. 

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