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Re: Mobile Hotspot MR1100 as a regular router with no SIM


Mobile Hotspot MR1100 as a regular router with no SIM

Hello hivemind –


I'm hoping to use my Netgear MR1100 mobile hotspot as a plain old-fashioned WiFi router without using cellular data, but I can't discern whether or not this is possible. Hear me out:


I've been traveling for about two years in a van with the MR1100 using local SIM cards that I purchase in every new country as a way to share data between a few devices without needing more than one SIM card. Recently, however, we purchased Starlink, making our need for cellular data very rare. The stock Starlink router requires AC power (unless I break it open and convert it to DC... but let's not go there for this thought experiment), and because my electrical system is all DC, this requires running an inverter, which I would rather not do. Knowing that I already have this perfectly good Netgear router on hand, I am wondering if I can use it along with the Starlink dish to create my wireless network. I am fully aware that I would need to find a way to send power to the dish via PoE or via the Starlink dongle, and I also know that the Starlink dish cable is a modified ethernet cable, but these points are not what I'm here to ask.


The real question is this: can I send data to the Netgear MR1100 mobile hotspot via the ethernet port to create my WiFi network? In essence, I think this would be the exact same setup as a home network which transfers data from a modem to the router for wireless broadcasting. I am aware of the "Data Offloading" option in the Netgear setup, but I cannot tell if this would be my ticket. Does anyone have a way to test this for me using their home modem / router setup?


Thank you kindly for any information!






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Re: Mobile Hotspot MR1100 as a regular router with no SIM

I would recommend a GL-Inet travel router.  You can power them via USB also and they have ethernet capability and many others.  Perhaps a Slate or a Beryl in their model line.  I use two or three of them.  One is in access point mode that connects to my PepLink router which then gets internet from my MR1100 (I can also hop onto any good local WiFi).  I use another for repeating any local WiFi or connecting to my Starlink.  With the exception of Starlink, all internet-related equipment is powered by the batteries in our trailer.


All this can be a bit convoluted but I have a lot of flexibility.  Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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Re: Mobile Hotspot MR1100 as a regular router with no SIM

That's quite the setup! Kudos to you for putting this together in your casa rodante.


We're currently in Peru, where we don't have easy access to cool gadgets like these, but the GL.inet devices look like they'd be a good match if we could find them. PepLink, too, for that matter, would be an amazing option, though it does seem way beyond our needs. We may be able to find a local seller or navigate importation and customs, but I'm first hoping we don't have to go that far.


I am really hoping our existing Netgear hotspot can be our key, since 1) we already have it, and 2) we can use it normally with SIM cards when our Starlink is obstructed. What's unclear to me is if using the Netgear like this is even possible. 

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