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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

My M6 will constantly connect and disconnect from 5G


My M6 will constantly connect and disconnect from 5G

No matter the signal strength, it will never stay connected to 5G. Has anyone else experience this?
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Re: My M6 will constantly connect and disconnect from 5G

I am experiencing a similar problem with my M6. At random it disconnects from the Network and I lose the internet from my mobile and MacBook even though both show I am still connected, i.e. I am connected via WiFi to the internet via my M6 but nothing will load.  If I hotspot my phone to get access to the net all good.

My TV also loses the connection to the internet.  I go thru the process of reconnecting to the internet and get a message and graphic on the screen to say I am reconnected.  I try to open Netflix or SBS etc and I get a message to say I say not connected to the internet?????

Today I had the bizarre situation where my Macbook was connected via WIFI to the M6 and the internet and was working as normal.  Meanwhile my mobile was showing it was connected to the M6 via WIFI but nothing would load and got a message to say I was not connected to the internet.

It appears that the connection from the M6 to the mobile network is dropping out even though the tower is about two blocks away.

I have downloaded the latest softxware NTGX65_12.01.41.00 but still experiencing the problem.

looking for suggestions on how to fix this at terrifying speed as it is extremely frustrating.


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