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Re: NETGEAR Orbi RBK763S + Nighthawk M1


NETGEAR Orbi RBK763S + Nighthawk M1

Hi, just about to pull my credit card and upgrade my really old Netgear router to Mesh ! 😃

Our problem, we have 3mb/s over copper, so need to go to Mb broadband or Satellite! Mb looks the best option as we’ve got 60 - 100mb/s connection to drive a network with c15 concurrent connections.

We run a Guest House & need to split available bandwidth into 3 distinct groups … guest, domestic & office. We also have thick stone walls so Orbi RBK763 looks like giving us the range/signal strength/oomph ?

Reading all the info … it looks like I need to actually buy two routers as there is no SIM connection for Orbi ? So, thinking we’d be linking a Nighthawk M1 to Orbi, which then seems to make the Orbi router functions redundant ??

The M1 could sit in an inside window ledge but

1/ my understanding is that we’d not be able to use it as an access point as it would be ‘pass through’ .

2/ it is doubtful the M1 would have the range on its own to cover the premises but could cope with user numbers.

3/ the M1 is not waterproof, so when trying to future proof would it be better to use Starlink/Sat to drive Orbi Mesh ??

Thanks in advance for ANY advice ..: I’m beginning to lose the will to live …!

♥️ Netgear tho !!!

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Re: NETGEAR Orbi RBK763S + Nighthawk M1

There appear to be two separate issues here:

  1. Providing a higher capacity internet connection, either (a) using a cellular telephone service (LTE), or (b) using a satellite service (such as StarLink).
  2. Providing adequate WiFi (and wired?) service to devices in a building which is not "WiFi friendly". (Stone walls are a serious problem for WiFi signals)

An LTE connection must be compatible with the cellular carrier.  I notice that Netgear's Nighthawk M1 Product Data Sheet does not claim compatibility with specific cellular carriers.


I would want assurance that this device would work with your carrier.


The user manual mentions that the M1 WiFi can be disabled (page 49)



I cannot find any means to put this device into "bridge" or "passthrough" mode, so connecting a mesh WiFi system will result in what is called a "Double NAT" situation.  (internet search for details).  For many users, this is not an issue.  If it is, there are specific steps that can be taken.


Providing WiFi to "difficult buildings" can be really difficult.  Without knowing more about the physical layout, there is no way to predict what combination of WiFi access points will be required.

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Re: NETGEAR Orbi RBK763S + Nighthawk M1

Thanks for the reply … bought an M1 second hand (to test). Jumped from 2mb to 43mb behind 1m thick stone walls ! Wish I’d don’t this sooner.

Off to buy some Netgear range extender/access points !

Thx again !!!
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