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Netgear Fuse need to move to different provider


Netgear Fuse need to move to different provider

I have Netgear Fuse purchased through and activated on FreedomPop. They have sold off all their assets to Ting and moved my Fuse to them. I do not want Ting and already cancelled that account with them. Is there any way I can use this device on any other service provider's network?

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Re: Netgear Fuse need to move to different provider

My I ask why you did not like Ting mobile? I was with Freedompop for years but with them no longer a carrier to choose I wouldn't mind what Ting has to offer for their Freedompop customers, At $6 a month considering you keep it off and don't use it at all isn't all that great but from the first time you turn it on till you use 1GB it is only $4 more with $4 for each additional 1GB. I keep mine for emergencies like if the power is off or if I ever need to use the Internet out in the field, which will almost never take me over that first 1GB, so $10 during the months I use it is not too bad. My problem is that I wasn't able to get mine to reactivate with Ting and they don't know how either. They had me factory reset mine and not it is stuck asking to be activated but no one knows how to reactivate it and I even called Netgear and Sprint but they have no clue either. Any suggestions?

Model: AirCard 779S(Sprint)|NETGEAR Fuse Mobile Hotspot
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Re: Netgear Fuse need to move to different provider

Ting has been working great for me on my Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone. I didn't try t o put my Netgear Fuse on Ting though because it was totally free for me to keep it activated with Freedompop which was great since I rarely needed to use it. But with Ting, it was going to cost $10 per month until 2020 when it would cost even more, after the introductory promo rate. So I had them to cancel that one. The Galaxy phone didn't work right either at first until I figure out that the Freedompop Messenger was interfering with it. I disabled it and it has worked fine ever since. (The Ting people thanked me for figuring that out and gave me a credit on my account after they followed my instructions to help other people who had been having the same problem.) 


But there's no messenger app on Freedompop Fuse so I don't know why it wouldn't work with Ting. Sorry, no help!

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