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Netgear M2 root access?


Netgear M2 root access?

I had seen old article here on gaining access to root prompt and perform certain iptables commands on older M1.


I need to do similar commands on Netgear M2 (MR2100), but unable to get it.

Any help here?


And recently I am unable to putty into my M2, always getting connection refused after 1-2 seconds.. if I were quick with my fingers to issue AT commands, (ie. ATI ) it does return output before it got disconnected.


It is from the Windows firewall, or some settings in M2?


No sim card slotted, do u need a working active cellular network to perform above?


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Re: Netgear M2 root access?

The Netgear M2 is a mobile hotspot device that provides best internet connectivity. As a user, you typically don't have root access to the Netgear M2 device. The manufacturer restricts access to the root or administrative functions of the device to maintain its security and stability.

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