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Netgear M5 and external Puma 421 antenna Help


Netgear M5 and external Puma 421 antenna Help

I'm picking up a Netgear M5 in a few days, replacing my 4g Pepwave.  I have an external Puma 421 antenna https://mobilemusthave.com/products/pepwave-mobility-42g-formally-puma-421-antenna which has 4 LTE modems and 4 outgoing SMA cables (labeled LTE-1, LTE-2, etc).  I know the M5 has two input ports for TS9 jacks.  My question is do I connect (with an adapter obviously) the LTE-1 into a port on the M5, and the LTE-2 into the other port?  On my current Pepwave, I connected 1 and 2, but left the other two cables unplugged.  I see that I can buy an adapter to combine two SMA cables into a single TS9, would that be the better option?  Looking for some advice. Thanks!

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Re: Netgear M5 and external Puma 421 antenna Help

Combining 4 antenna cables to 2 does not give you  4x4 Mimo at terminal side. Terminal should have 4 external antenna ports for real 4x4 Mimo.

You can utilize only two cables as M5 support 2x2 Mimo with external antennas. You have to check manuals, antenna markings or do some testing to find out meaning of LTE-1,LTE-2,LTE-3 and LTE-3. Probably two of them are meant for high band and two of them for low band/middle band frequencies.

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