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Netgear stuck during factory reset


Netgear stuck during factory reset

Three  issues:   #2 is what i need immediately solved. 


1.  Netgear randomly resets itself to factory default on a regular basis and i have to go re configure it as though it is new (happens once a month or so)


This set off a chain of events.  During the set up process it would not allow me to use the default password. So i did another factory reset by using a paperclip/button to start over. 


2. Its been factoring resetting for 60 min and just sits there and is hung. Message says: "Factory Reset in progress.  Please do not power off". 


Clearly this router is not resetting properly.  SHould i remove power even though it says not to?   A factory reset should take less than a minute. 


Can anyone tell me what to do? 



Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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