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Re: Nighthawk M2 IP Passthrough Netmask incorrect


Nighthawk M2 IP Passthrough Netmask incorrect

I am using my M2 with IP Passthrough activated to provide the WAN to another router. Receiving Router is set to DHCP for the WAN port.

The M2 shows the proper IP adress coming from my ISP with a subnet mask of 

Unfortunately when it arrives to the router it shows mithg the right adress but a subnet mask of

IP received by RouterIP received by RouterIP as seen on M2IP as seen on M2


I can fix it by setting a static IP with the proper mask in the router. But since my ISP changes the public IP every so often, it is not reliable.

Is there a way to overwrite the IP passthrough Address Netmask in the M2?

M2 is on latest FW 24_10.17.08.00

Any help is appreciated



Any help is appreicated

Model: MR2100|Mobiler Router Nighthawk M2
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Re: Nighthawk M2 IP Passthrough Netmask incorrect

I just realized that the M5 Nighthalwk has a paramter in the settings for IP Passthrough called LTE Subnet MaskLTESubnetMask.png


Can we expect an ulgrade of FW for the M2?

That would be the answer to my issue


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