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Nighthawk M2 + Netgear AC1200 - IP passthrough or bridge?


Nighthawk M2 + Netgear AC1200 - IP passthrough or bridge?

Hi all,


I am trying to set up a temporary home network in a particular way with the M2 / AC1200.


I am hoping to get two seperate LANs, both with different IP ranges and WiFi credentials, but sharing the same internet connection.


IP Passthrough on the M2 isn't what I want I don't think, as this disables DHCP and WiFi in the M2.


For example, can I share my M2's internet connection with the AC1200, and have the M2 with a range of -, and the AC1200 with a range of -


I am unsure of the setup I need for this to work. I have tried connecting ethernet from the port on the M2 to the Internet port on the AC1200, but I'm not sure on the gateway configuration in each router...

Model: MR2100|Mobiler Router Nighthawk M2, R6220|AC1200 Smart WiFi Router with External Antennas
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Re: Nighthawk M2 + Netgear AC1200 - IP passthrough or bridge?

As AC1200 does not support VLAN, you will need to disable IP Passthrough on M2, having an Ethernet Switch connected in between M2 and AC1200, so you can have M2 assigning IP address to connected client with IP address for one network and AC1200 for another network. Possible problem would be double NAT for clients connected behind AC1200. William
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