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Nighthawk M2 Printer not working


Nighthawk M2 Printer not working



We are using a Nightwahk M2 to access the internet and (via a VPN) our network reasourses from a remote site office. 


Access to the internet and our reasources is fine, however we cannot get the printer to function, at all, either via connecting it direct into the ethernet port, by connecting it via a switch (where the printer and the M2 are plugged into an unmanaged Netgear ethernet switch), or via connecting the printer to the Nightwawk via WiFi. 


Device Details as follows: 


M2 Device: 

Hardware Version: 1.0

GUI Version: MR2100-1TLAUS_04.03.00.07

Firmware Version: NTGX24_10.13.05.00

PRI Version: 02.10

Modem Version: SDX24_10.21.00.02

Firmware Build Date: 2019/05/14



Make: Brother

Model: MFC-L8690CDW



Extra information: 

The printer recieves a valid IP address from the Nighthawk, and can be succesfully pinged from another computer connected via wifi. However, Windows does not discover the device as a printer when using the automatic discovery function, and even when added manually as a printer in Windows (with the correct configuration), print jobs are not recieved by the printer. The error reported in the print server is simply 'failed'. NB, the VPN is disabled on all devices when attempting to print. 


Any assistance with this would be appreciated. The ICT Office 'Guru' has been struggling to get this wokring for nearly a month on and off, and we had a network engineer from NTT come out yesterday and spend 4 hours attempting to relove the issue, only to come to the same determination - the Nighthawk is simply not forwarding Print Requests...


Look forward to chatting with someone who maybe able to help with this. 





Model: MR2100|Mobiler Router Nighthawk M2
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