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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

Re: Nighthawk M2 wifi not working


Nighthawk M2 wifi not working

Hi. My M2 wifi just stopped working.
It has an X through the wifi icon. I didn’t change any settings.
I have factory reset it and still not working.
I can’t connect it to my computer as I don’t have an Ethernet port.
Please help.
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Re: Nighthawk M2 wifi not working

You should be able to enable M2 wifi via touchscreen.
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Re: Nighthawk M2 wifi not working

Nope. It’s all on and factory reset. But I get an x through the wifi icon
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Re: Nighthawk M2 wifi not working

I have the same issue, with the most recent firmware update appearing to cause the issue

Firmware version NTGX24_10.17.03.00


I've tried to enable and disable IP Passthrough, as well as enable and disable USB tethering, to force the device to enable the wifi again, but like you I have factory reset to no avail, as the wifi appears to be disabled.


Is there a CLI to change a erroneous setting to get this unit working properly again?

Model: MR2100|Mobiler Router Nighthawk M2
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