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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

Nighthawk M5 questions


Nighthawk M5 questions

Hey guys,

I have a couple of questions regarding the M5 which I hope someone can help answer. To give you an idea of what I’m trying to achieve I owner a camper van that I built out and am working on giving it a smart home network which will work wherever I take it, including when parked outside my house. So I would use a SIM card in the M5 when on the road, and when it’s parked outside my house I’d like the M5 to get its internet wirelessly from my netgear ax8 modem router which is in my house.

The idea being that there’s always a network local to the camper van powered by the M5 but its internet source changes. I want to save on data costs when not travelling and the van is parked outside my house. I plan to have a camera and temp sensor in the van, among other things. Ok so questions:

  1. Can I connect the M5 to my AX8 to get internet from my home network while using the M5 as a network in my van that I can connect to via the internet.

  2. Can I use the M5 solely as a router with no internet which I can connect to from my home (wirelessly via local network)?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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