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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

Nighthawk M6 Pro MR6450 vs MR6500


Nighthawk M6 Pro MR6450 vs MR6500

Hello, wanted to know what the experts here think about my situation.


I travel frequently between US, UK, and some others in Europe. I'm looking in to getting a Nighthawk M6 Pro because it seems to be the best hotspot option out right now for less than $1000. I would consider myself a technical user.


I've looked at the specification page for the different models of Nighthawk M6 (here ) and am still a little uncertain about whether the EU Version (MR6450) or an unlocked US ATT Version (MR6500) would be better. It seems like, if I'm reading correctly, the EU version does not support mm-wave, but also supports a lot more sub 6 bands. Is this accurate? I also see the US version supports GPS although I'm not sure what that looks feature-wise. Does anyone know if these are hardware differences or only firmware differences, and if the EU version really is not capable of mm-wave? It seems like there's also GPS functionality that's only available in the US version but I'm not sure how that presents feature-wise.


Any thoughts about whether these differences are accurate or whether the band differences would really matter are appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Nighthawk M6 Pro MR6450 vs MR6500

It seems like the intersection that you and I are looking for isn’t really common. But yes, a device for use between US/EU would be great.

The only reference I found is that the NA and EU versions may not work in other regions.

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Re: Nighthawk M6 Pro MR6450 vs MR6500

n78 is the major 5GNR band in Europe, so you will need to pick up one US model which has n78 supported, MR5200-100NAS might be the best fit, ignoring mmWave band.

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