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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

Re: Nighthawk MR1100


Nighthawk MR1100

Hello all,


I added a TP-link ethernet-switch to my Nighthawk MR1100-100 and since then it seems to lose connection to the internet occasionally (every other day or so). I cannot see on the router display that it has lost connection but this must be the case. After a shut-down and restart it works again.


Since the router is used in a summer house with smart-home systems for temperature control etc, it will be annoying if the problem continues. It should be noticed that this has occurred twice during a four day period and I am not sure if it will happen again.


Any ideas how to handle the problem is highly appreciated.


Best regards,


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Re: Nighthawk MR1100

Hi @stabo


Welcome to NETGEAR Community!


Is this an unmanaged or a managed switch? 


Please check if Ethernet Standby if it set to disabled. Here's how: Access M1 Settings page > Settings > Setup > Mobile Router Setup > Ethernet Standby (disabled or 2 minutes) > Apply 


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