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Nighthawk M6 Pro Unlocked Hotspot 5G mmWave

Nighthawk R7100LG Disconnects Hourly


Nighthawk R7100LG Disconnects Hourly

I have the R7100LG and have the following issue.

ISSUE: The internet connection interrupts for 2 seconds then reconnects *every hour exactly*.

As a result I am kicked from online services I have to wait for the reconnection. This issue is particularly annoying when using microsoft teams for work or when watching streaming videos (it pauses 2/3 seconds then restarts) or playing video games (I get kicked out of the game).


- The interruption occurs exactly every 1 hour so far the only way I've been able to manage it is to reset the router bang on the hour e.g. 13:00 so that the dropout occurs at a known time.

- I use 4G/LTE connection only (no DSL)

- Firmware version: V1.0.0.72_1.0.6

- I tried reboot and factory reset

- I tried with both WIFI and Ethernet, I have the issue with both across multiple devices 

- I tried with another SIM card (from a different ISP), I have the same issue

- I tried to use the same SIM card on my mobile phone, I have full bars and 4G  where my router isand when I hotspotted off my phone the connection was stable for the 4 hours I tested it for.


I've seen similar issues have been reported a number of times before but I couldn't find any solutions. I've tried posting on the netgear subreddit but I didn't get any solutions there either.

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Re: Nighthawk R7100LG Disconnects Hourly

So your not near any other wifi and only using the SIM card. 

Just wondering, if you turn OFF the wifi radios on the router and just connect wired PCs to the router, does the problem happen? 


Any chance you have a nieghbor, friend or family member you could take the router to and connect it to there modem, Just to see if the problem follows? I'm wondering if this could be a 4G cell signal issue OR, if the router also does this when using the modem WAN port does it do it there as well. If it does it on both modes, possible that the router could be faulty. If the modem doesn't exhibit the problem with the modem port being used, possbile this could be 4G cell signal issue and the router using SIM. 

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Re: Nighthawk R7100LG Disconnects Hourly

Yeah, no other wifi networks in range of me. Just using the Vodafone SIM.

Checked turning off wifi and just using wired and the problem persits on my PC which is wired directly to the router.


I have tried the SIM in a mobile device both next to the router and at a friends and there was no problem for the full 4 hours I tested it. The router is showing full signal in the connection status window.


I have seen one post that suggests I may be something to do with lease expiry:


but to be honest I don't know enough about this stuff to know if that could be my issue.



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Re: Nighthawk R7100LG Disconnects Hourly

Ok thanks for checking that. 


The test would need to try the actual router at a different location to see if the problem follows the router and not just testing the SIM card at a different location.


Sounds like a possibility and seems like it might be. Lease expires and the router can't or doesn't get or handle a new lease. Could you ask the ISP if they support a static IP address on the SIM/WAN side and if they do, see if you can have a static for a period of time to test to see if the problem continues? Possible if a static IP address assignement on the SIM/WAN side might be helpful. 

Over all this may need some NG support review...

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