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Slow Upload Speed Issue with NETGEAR M6 Pro MR6550


Slow Upload Speed Issue with NETGEAR M6 Pro MR6550

Dear Support Team,


I am seeking assistance, and I kindly request your help.



I have encountered an issue with my NETGEAR M6 Pro MR6550 router. I purchased it two weeks ago, and it was delivered to me the day before yesterday. Initially, I conducted a speed test, and the download speed appeared satisfactory, typically ranging from 150 to 300 Mb/s. However, this speed does not meet my expectations, especially considering that I purchased the router for its performance. My mobile phone, a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, achieves much higher speeds at times.


The most significant problem lies in the upload speed, which does not exceed 90 Mb/s. Surprisingly, when I insert the SIM card directly into my mobile phone, the upload speed comfortably exceeds 100 Mb/s. This stark contrast disappoints me, especially when comparing it to the router’s overall performance.


Additionally, when I set the router to Plugged In or Performance mode and connect it to the charger, the initial internet speed reaches approximately 200 to 300 Mb/s for downloads and 50 to 90 Mb/s for uploads. However, after a few hours, the router’s performance deteriorates. The upload speed drops to a mere 5 Mb/s, while the download speed remains relatively stable between 200 and 300 Mb/s.


This issue is particularly problematic for me because I frequently stream and engage in work-related calls, during which the upload speed significantly decreases.

Could you please advise if there is a solution to this problem or if a specific system update needs to be installed?



Thank you for your prompt attention and assistance.


Best regards,





Hardware Version: 1.0 v

Firmware Version: NTGX65_12.01.54.00

Modem Version: MPSS.DE.2.0-00989-OLYMPIC_GENALL_PACK-1.41921.6.45826.2

GUI Version: MR6550-AsiaPacific_05.00.107.00

PRI Version: 01.31

Firmware Build Date: 2024/04/12



Carrier: Mobily

City: Dammam

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Re: Slow Upload Speed Issue with NETGEAR M6 Pro MR6550

Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue. 

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