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Wrong SMA-TS9 adapters with 600451 MIMO antenna


Wrong SMA-TS9 adapters with 600451 MIMO antenna

This antenna came with incorrect bundled SMA-TS9 adapters. The TS9 end does not fit Netgear's own M6 Pro router. The adapter's TS9 end is too small. It may be CRC9 instead of TS9. Or just wrong sizing altogether.


I've attempted to resolve this via Netgear's support chat, which was extremely unhelpful. Shockingly so actually.


It kept advancing increasingly creative theories to refuse support, including:


1) Saying Amazon shipped the wrong product. False. The antenna is the correct SKU. The support rep could see that because they got the photo from me.

2) Issue is with the router. False. Router's end is correct.

3) Antenna itself is not made by Netgear or sold separately. This one made me LOL! It's literally at https://www.netgear.com/support/product/omnidirectional-mimo-antenna.


Previous antenna model, 600450, worked fine. That model came with native TS9 connectors instead of with SMA which require an adapter.


Can someone from Netgear please take ownership of manufacturing wrong adapters and get this solved? And get the support reps coached in ... providing support?

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Re: Wrong SMA-TS9 adapters with 600451 MIMO antenna

I have the NETGEAR Nighthawk MR6500 Pro with TS9 connectors. Bought the NETGEAR MIMO antenna from Amazon. I also thought that I had received the incorrect connectors, however, I discovered that the first couple of times you must push pretty hard to actually spread the Antenna connectors. After the first couple of times the connectors will slide on fairly easily. 

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