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Re: AC1900 Disney Circle Reset Admin Details


AC1900 Disney Circle Reset Admin Details

Hi,  I installed the circle app on my phone with the intent to register it with the netgear router.  I was showing my wife, and while I was out of the room, she started the reigstration process to see what was required.  She wanted to check if credit card details and payment options would come up thrught the registration process.  She put in a made up details (email and phone number), and continued through the process.  It then appears to have connected these details to the Netgear and my phone, and I cannot now add other users, and it asks for the code, which it sends to the made up number, that my wife put in.  How can I unpair, or add another user, so that I can set up the circle app?

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Re: AC1900 Disney Circle Reset Admin Details



Do you manage to solve this?  I have the same issue.  Am going round in circles....excuse the awful pun.

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Re: AC1900 Disney Circle Reset Admin Details

Hi there, yes I did manage to solve this, but it wasnt due to help from Circle, or Netgear unfortunately.  I just kept going around in circles, literally.

What I had to do was go into my phone and clear the details that were stored against the circle app.  I went into setting on my phone as i have a Samsung s7, found the circle app, then went down and selected storage, then pressed clear cache, then did the same to clear data.  I was then able to go back into the app and put in the right details on the phone.  You obviously will need to make sure you do this on the phone that was originally used to set it up.

I hope this helps you. 🙂 

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Re: AC1900 Disney Circle Reset Admin Details

Ah, that's great, glad you sorted it.


I have an iPhone....have deleted the data for the Circle app, reinstalled etc but it is still the same :-(.  No idea how to clear the cahce on an iPhone so I will try and restore my phone to a previous version without the Circle app on it.  Fingers crossed.


(I have a ticket open with Circle on Netgear support whoc aren't being massively helpful....struggling to get them to see that I can't do all the changes they are asking me to do as I can't get in to change the details without the text code which I can't get because I the phone number is wrong!)  Anyway, many thanks for your help, I will persevere.

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Re: AC1900 Disney Circle Reset Admin Details

For reference....for anyone elase who may be having the same problem.


I have sorted it and can now access Circle on my iPhone.


Deleting and restoring the Circle app didn't work

Restoring my iPhone from a previous back up didn't work.

I did multiple hard resets (pressing the button on the back) of the router.  Which didn't actually restore the router to factory settings, but that's a seperate issue.....grrrr....and also didn't solve the problem with the Circle app.


Finally I managed to wipe/reset the router to factory settings through the Netgear Genie app (or I guess www.routerlogin.net would work the same)  Click on the ADVANCED tab>Adminstration>Backup Settings>ERASE


I also did a hard reset on my modem...The reset button worked just fine for this.


I then reset up the modem and the router from scratch.


Downloaded the Circle app and it let me start the Circle sign up process from the beginning.....including allowing me to put in the correct phone number!  


It really was somehting of a palaver but modem, router and Circle now fully operational.


Happy days!





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