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Can not access Disney Circle Passcode

I simply can not get the text code on the phone that I am using to manage Disney Circle. 

I understand all the troubleshooting. 

There is no other device or phone connected to Disney.  If there was I do not have access to it.  Reset the App on my phone a dozen times. Did not work.  

There is no portal to update info in the main network manager. 

I have reset the router, held the reset button for 15 sec and tried to reset the router.  Did not work.

The list of posted questions for this issue appears to be long and ongoing and I have not read any solutions that have worked. 

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Can not access Disney Circle Passcode

Have you tried this issue in the section given over to Circle?


Circle Smart Parental Controls - NETGEAR Communities



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Re: Can not access Disney Circle Passcode

Yes. If you read the threads in the circle topic that have been posted, no one actually discusses how to resolve the issue.

Just more people who state they have the same problem.
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