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Circle Subscription Broken


Circle Subscription Broken


I've had an Orbi and one sattellite router runinng in my home for 4 months now. I purchased the premium subscription to Circle when I setup, and paid fo the yearly subscription. Last night I noticed the premium features were not showing in the circle application on my phone. I read through the community posts and followed insturctions to check the routers had the latest firmware, which they did. I rebooted the routers and phone, which still showed the premium features were missing. 

I then followed the steps to unsubscribe from the subscription via the Google Play Store, and re-subscirbe via the Circle application which I had re-installed on the phone for a fresh start. 

I have now been charged for a second yearly subscription - I can see the charge in my bank account, and while the profiles i have for my network are restored in the application, it still does not show the premium features that I have now paid twice for.

I don't see a clear way to get the additional subscription refunded or restore the premium features that I should have. Appreciate any guidance anyone can offer.


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Re: Circle Subscription Broken

Update, I found the 'request refund' link via Google play store just after posting this. 

Playstore now shows a single subscription, which is the original purchase, however I still do not have the premium features I paid for in the application.

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Re: Circle Subscription Broken

Please post about this in the Circle app forum:
Good Luck

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Re: Circle Subscription Broken

Hello SteinbeckDJ,


Our engineering team is aware and working with Circle on an issue with Premium Features being unavailable. We currently do not have an ETA on a fix. Please follow this link for further updates. 




Thank you for understanding,


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