Circle showing traffic that didn't occur?

I recently setup Circle on my Orbi to monitor internet traffic and block adult websites, etc.

I've noticed in the history log that one of my devices was communicating with Snapchat, however none of our family has ever installed or used Snapchat. My kids are young so I install all the apps on their devices myself. There are also no "random" devices on my network such as a neighbor stealing Wifi access, etc.

What gives? I can't seem to narrow down which device attempted to access Snapchat. Does anyone know if there are hidden/background services for Snapchat that might be embedded in Android or apps like Facebook, etc?

I'm baffled.
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Re: Circle showing traffic that didn't occur?

Hi Cornhusker, 


I don't know whether Snapchat is embedded in Android or other apps. Is snapchat still showing up in your history? Are you able to identify which device this is coming from?



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