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Re: Disney Circle on R7800?


Disney Circle on R7800?



i was using previously a R7000 with parental control from Disney Circle. I had to buy a R7800 because the R7000 was reaching its limit with the nb of device on my WiFi.

I was surprised to discover that Disney Circle was not included.

on your product page, it says that parental control can be turned on on a per user basis. This is the case for Disney Circle but not OpenDNS.

when will you implement it for this router?

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi Router
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Re: Disney Circle on R7800?

Hi @jclaracq,


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Support does not have visibility on upcoming features that will be supported by the device. As it stands, this link shows a list of models that currently support the Circle feature.



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Re: Disney Circle on R7800?

Sorry but your response is very disappointing. What do we need to do to get this accomplished? It is very surprising and disheartening that we paid for a better router, but now we don't have the Circle included. Is this something that will be included in the future and how do we make sure that is the case, or do we need to stop using Netgear routers???

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Re: Disney Circle on R7800?

I'm floored that this expensive router has no ability to do what Disney Circle does. I have to take it back and buy another (lesser) brand just to get the ability to limit Wifi access (not just content, which is not the problem, it's the Wifi being available all the time for all devices)? That is terrible!

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