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Disney circle passcode reset text not receiving

Hi There,


I got a new iphone and didnt think anything about signing out of circle on old phone which has now been reset. Trying to get myself back into my circle and ask for text message to send code but nothing...


What can I do. Any other way to get round this? Its on a Nighthawk R7000

Model: R7000P | AC2300 Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router with MU-MIMO
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Re: Disney circle passcode reset text not receiving

Hi Dexter (from Netgear) I understand you have helped other people out with this issue by DMing them, would really appreciate any help you can offer


Many thanks

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Re: Disney circle passcode reset text not receiving

I've had the same problem being unable to use Circle, and unable to receive SMS message with the passcode.  After lots of digging I was able to come up with a solution.  I've no idea what you could break doing this, but I haven't altered any settings so it seems fairly safe ...


1. Go to http://<your-router-ip>/debug.htm

2. Check the box top "Enable telnet"

3. Telnet to <your-router-ip>

4. Login using your router username / password

5. Type "cd /mnt/circle/shares/usr/bin" to change to this directory

6. Type "more passcode"

7. The passcode is shown as a 4 digit number


Don't forget to retrace your steps and disable telnet for security purposes!

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