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How to manage URLs that impact time

OK, been using Circle in mt Orbi for at least a year and things are going fairly well.  I am constantly getting new families that are impressed with how I use it to manage my kids screen time and as a reward system.  There is one issue that daily plagues me.


I want my kids to have XX minutes per day of fun time on the Internet.  However, as a homeschooler, they are using the Internet for schoolwork daily and they have IOT devices (TVs, Echo, Cell phones) that are always using data. Is there not a way that I can assign URLs to be "free" from the regular time tracking?  Say identifying homeschool URLs as always available and not have time on those sites reduce their daily alloted time? 

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Re: How to manage URLs that impact time

Hi ViperSBT, 

Circle currently does not support this feature.



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