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Is Circle Go being discontinued completely?


Is Circle Go being discontinued completely?

Hi there, 

Just managed to finally get Circle operating out of my Orbi mesh device to control my kids access to the net and other apps etc and all operating nicely. Family member asked me about what to do RE kids that have a sim card and access to LTE / phone networks outside of the confines of their house. 

Circle Go appeared to be an amazing solution BUT in looking at it I was prompted with a message that as of April 10th 2019 the Circle Go subscription option for Circle with Disney will no longer be available for purchase through either iOS or Android apps. 

Does that just mean you can't subscribe through the apps, but need to subscribe online through a portal and then wehn you use the apps you'll have the subscription?

OR - does it mean that they are discontinuing the Circle Go service altogether?


Anyone know or understand what they're doing, because even though I haven't used it, conceptually it seems like a brilliant tool that I am sure I will want to use in a year or two when we give my eldest kid a phone.




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Re: Is Circle Go being discontinued completely?

Hi @justinpearse, welcome to the community! Circle provided a notice regarding the matter on the link below.





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