Lock Code not working for circle log in

Trying to set up circle on my iPhone. Launch the app it ask for the 4 digit pin. It won’t accept the pin I created. I ask circle to send me the pin. I input the pin from circle and I receive an invalid pin notice. The pin I receive fm circle is not the one I created. I have reset my pin on my iPad still doesn’t work. Asked for circle to send me the pin again, sends the same self generated number. Invalid is the response received. I have uninstalled the app reinstalled the circle app and still can’t access circle on my phone. The pre done help articles don’t cover this, and I can’t find support chat to get this resolved fast, not cool. Now I am stuck waiting for help, if any comes my way.

Thanks for the support

Brown Ohana

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Re: Lock Code not working for circle log in

Fixed it. Went into Nighthawk noticed it said it was off line. Don’t know why because I had internet. Rebooted router fm app. Relaunched circle app logged in.

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