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Managing Holiday Break Screen Time with Circle Smart Parental Controls

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Holiday break is here and while your kids may be ecstatic about their time away from school, parents may begin to wonder just how that time is being spent. With no homework to keep your household occupied, there is a good chance internet usage will rise and your kids will likely have their eyes set on more screen time. Whether they’ll be spending extra time on their favorite mobile apps, surfing the web on their computers, or streaming movies & TV shows, Circle Smart Parental Controls has your back.


CHP_ARTICLE_SCREENTIME_2020-1-2_INLINE3.jpgHow does Circle on NETGEAR work?

Circle on NETGEAR lets you limit daily internet time for websites, apps, and more! By allowing you to manage content and time online, you can truly control screen time and monitor usage with ease, on any connected device. With Circle, you’ll be able to help your household build better online habits. Features of Circle on NETGEAR include:



Filters – Set individual filter levels for each family member that matches their age and interests

Pause – Pause the internet by device or user

History – See which sites your kids are visiting

Time Limits – Limit daily internet time for apps and websites

Usage – Know where your family spends time online


How can I try Circle on NETGEAR?

Circle on NETGEAR is supported on a number of Nighthawk Routers, as well as Orbi WiFi Systems. To view compatible routers, click here.CHP_ARTICLE_SCREENTIME_2020-1-2_INLINE2.jpg

If your router supports Circle on NETGEAR, you can easily get started by downloading the Circle App. To download the Circle App: App Store | Google Play


CHP_ARTICLE_SCREENTIME_2020-1-2_INLINE1.jpgCircle Basic is readily available to Circle supported routers. Features included are Filter, Pause, History, Ad Block, Profiles and Safe Search. By starting your FREE one-month trial of Circle Premium, additional features you will receive include Time Limits, Bedtime, Offtime, Rewards and Usage. To start your FREE one-month trial of Circle Premium, please visit:

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Re: Managing Holiday Break Screen Time with Circle Smart Parental Controls

As a parent, the Circle functionality is very useful and I liked it in the past.  I upgraded more recently, however, to the AX6000 Orbi (Wifi6) without realizing that it did not have the Circle functionality at all.  Do you know when/if Netgear is planning to add this function to the new Orbi line?  Thanks!

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Re: Managing Holiday Break Screen Time with Circle Smart Parental Controls

Hi @Quaksyx, welcome to the community! Thank you for your interest and feedback regarding the feature. As it stands, we cannot provide any definitive timeline of upcoming features or updates for the Orbi WiFi 6. Rest assured, this will be forwarded to the right team.



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