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Nighthawk R8000


Nighthawk R8000

Circle "The network connection was lost. Please retry or restart."
Today when I try to look at the history of one connected device, I get that error. I am able to look at the history of all other devices.

I have checked the router for update - it is up to date according to the Nighthawk app.
I rebooted the router.
I restarted the iPhone I use to review history.
The app on the iPhone I use to review history is up to date.
I restarted the device whose history I want to review. (Galaxy S2 tab)

This is occurring when all devices in question are connected to the router and working fine.
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Re: Nighthawk R8000

Hi Dchris02, 


Can you try forgetting the WiFi network on the Galaxy S2 tab and reconnecting to it.


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