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OrbiRBR20 Circle causing connection problems


OrbiRBR20 Circle causing connection problems

I purchased the Orbi RBR20 a couple of years ago and have continued to have connectivity problems when I activate Circle.  Our wifi-calling won't work when Circle is turned on and our devices lose connection repeatedly throughout the day.  I have spoken to techinical support many times about this issue and have spent many hours troubleshooting with no resolution.  Netgear even sent me a new device, but that did not resolve the issue.  Since we haven't been able to resolve the issue, I turned Circle off.  After some time I have once again turned Circle on because I have a child who just got a laptop.  I was hoping that the issue had been resolved with a firmware update because quite some time has passed since I last used Circle.  We are having connectiviity issues again and our wifi calling isn't working.  I just got off the phone with Netgear and was told that they can't help me unless I pay for a premium account.  Ridiculous!   This is an issue that I have had since I purchased the device and I have all of the Case Numbers from the past to prove it.  They wouldn't budge.  I see others have posted in the Netgear community about this same issue, so I'm not the only one having this issue.  Has anyone found resolution to this problem?  I haven't seen any fixes by searching the issue and Netgear isn't willing to help me unless I pay for premium.

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Re: OrbiRBR20 Circle causing connection problems

Hello shawkins227, 


May you send me a private message with your email address and case number(s) and I can check on this further.




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