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R8000 Circle Issues - When will this be fixed?


R8000 Circle Issues - When will this be fixed?

It seems a lot of people have issue's with Circle on Netgear Routers (1st Generation) and Netgear have gone very quiet about it.  The issue seems to be wholly with the Circle integration, and apparently this is not Aura's problem to fix as it is part of the Netgear package. (The product is now owned by Aura, but it was originally a Disney product when rolled into the netgear firmware)


The issue - Circle no longer showing usage data, but more importantly not showing the correct time/date and making the schedule feature on Circle completely useless.


Factory reset of router - DOES NOT WORK

Factory reset of app and Circle - DOES NOT WORK

Rolling back to older firmware - DOES NOT WORK

Changing the router time/NTP settings to anything other than netgears - DOES NOT WORK


I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to resolve this - it is not right that Netgear can ignore this and get away with it.


Netgear need to address this with a new firmware update - this may be an old router, but I have only had mine a few years and do not plan to replace what was a very expensive and supposedly premium product, just because Netgear have finished milking this product (Hello Armor)


I have also been down the road of custom firmware (Tomato) which is certainly useful and adds a lot more features than netgear stock, however the parental controls aren't granular or app controlled (which is  what I need and paid for)


If you can't fix the Circle, then I am pretty sure you could add Netgears Smart Parental controls application to the router (as you were able to add Armor) - maybe you could just give it to the people too, instead of charging for it as a service - by means of apology for our wasted time.


I am not hopeful of getting a response or escalation to Netgear support, I have seen multiple threads about this issue - no resolution, no apologies.

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